Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Dandruff is the annoying result of the shedding of skin cells on the scalp.
Most people encounter some variance of dandruff to some degree at some point in their lives.
Causes can be ill health, hormonal imbalance, bad hygiene, lack of sleep, allergic reaction, eating too much sugar and starch, heredity predisposition, imbalanced nutrition, stress, anxiety, to name a few.

I recommend Redken Scalp relief shampoo $29


WHY IT WORKS - Formulated with the powerful Hydro-Zone System which utilizes lavender extract and glycerin to help soothe, calm and clarify scalp while Pyrithione Zinc fights, controls and helps eliminate scalp irritation, itching, redness, flaking and scaling.
Purifies, moisturizes and hydrates dry scalp while soothing and calming. Scalp is clarified, hydrated and relieved.

HOW TO USE  - Apply to wet or dry hair, massaging into scalp. Leave on 5 minutes. Wet hair, lather and rinse. Can be used daily

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