Friday, 10 March 2017

The best haircut for a man with a widows peak 

Ever wondered what would be a good haircut for a guy with a somewhat rounded face and a widow’s peak? 
A widow’s peak is the v-shaped point in the hairline in the middle of the forehead and is thought to be genetic. 
The name comes from a belief that it was an omen of early widowhood thanks to its similarity to the peak of a widow’s hood – worn as indication of mourning since the 16th century. On men, in modern popular culture it has become associated with villainy. Think of The Joker, Count Dracula and, of course, Eddie Munster.
If you have a round face you are advised to balance it out by making it appear elongated. So, make sure the sides are shorter than the top and avoid short fringes.
You should also definitely not consider growing it at the sides as you'll risk looking like a cantaloupe melon.
There is no reason to hide it, as a widow’s peak is a sign of a strong hairline and preferable to receding. However, if it does bother you the quickest way to hide it is to adopt a side parting. If you have a round face do not attempt a side parting unless you want to look like a pair of curtains.

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