Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Waxing Q & A

Commonly Asked Waxing Questions

Q.       How often do I have to wax?

A.   Every 4-6 weeks is the general rule. Hair needs to be at least half a centimetre long for the wax to adhere. The more regular the waxing the better, as young hairs come out easier.

Q.  How long before the hair starts to regrow?

A.  Usually between 3-8 weeks. Less hair grows after waxing and the hair is generally finer as well. Eventually some hair never re-grows.   

Q.     What does waxing do to the skin?

A.      Dead skin cells are removed during the process leaving the skin quite smooth       afterwards. Waxing causes a slight sting to the skin (Aloe Vera based gels or creams are helpful). Some people find the skin reacts with redness or bumps which disappear after a few hours (slightly longer for sensitive skin).

Q.    Will I get ingrown hairs?

A.   It’s possible. Wax removes the entire hair from the follicle. Your skin naturally     hardens/thickens over the area that was waxed so it’s important to keep the area exfoliated. Use a gentle scrub over the area about 2 days after waxing and then 1-2 times a week until the hair can be seen to be growing above the skin.

Q.    What do I do if I have ingrown hairs?
A.  As above but in addition an exfoliating mitt is helpful along with an ingrown hair lotion. Our favourite is Tend Skin – great for ingrown hairs but also suitable for razor bumps or razor burn.

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