Saturday, 13 February 2016

Greasy Hair

Q: What’s The Best Routine For Washing Hair That Gets Oily By The End Of The Day?

A: A lot of guys with greasy hair make the mistake of over-washing it with harsh shampoos and bucket loads of hot water. This is bad news, anything that strips the hair of too much oil will only stimulate the scalp to produce more to compensate.
If hair is very greasy, apply shampoo to dry hair and massage in before you add water.
Greasy hair will still benefit from a conditioner, only use a small amount and concentrate on the ends of the hair where it’s driest, rather than at the roots.
How you treat hair after washing is also important. Since both heat and friction stimulate oil production, always blow dry on a cool setting and avoid fiddling with your hair too much or over-combing when styling.
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