Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Grooming mistakes you could be making

You’re Not Moisturising Before Bed

This is an error as commonplace as blunt razors in a man’s bathroom. It’s easy to think that as day turns to night, you can put your grooming regime to bed.
The truth, however, is that things are just getting started for your face after your evening wash. Invest in a solid night, a little of this and your skin will wake up more hydrated and younger looking


Cleaning Your Beard Is A Rarity

If that’s the case, I bet you don’t moisturise it either. you’re not alone; beards are meant to be rugged and are therefore often neglected. Problem is, they need the same level of care you’d apply to the hair on your head, lest they go wiry and greasy. Wash your beard with shampoo & apply a touch of conditioner now then.

 You Counter Hair Loss By Growing More Hair

This is forgivable. On paper, lengthening your hair would seem like the sensible solution to receding at your temples and/or crown. But this in fact accentuates the areas that are thinning out. This is especially true if you have a side parting or, even worse, a comb-over. Keep it short and sharp, for your own good. I recommend washing your hair with Redken Full impact shampoo & styling with Redken Powder grip to add volume.

Razors In Your Bathroom Are As Old As The Sun

You wouldn’t wash your face with gravel so it makes sense not to carve it to pieces with rusty blades. Most razor heads are done after a few uses. To ignore their expiration is to damage your face beyond repair. You can expect burning, itching, stinging and redness. Sharpe blades require less pressure and therefore cause less damage.  How old is your razor?

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